For a baby, in 9 months they develop from a ball of cells before undergoing delivery, either naturally or with assistance such as forceps, ventouse or caesarian which can be crucial to ensuring the health of mother & baby in delivery.  Having arrived, there is a load of growing & developing to do, particularly in relating to movement from crawling through sitting to standing & walking.  Some children struggle more with aspects of growth & transition between these different phases and where those struggles present in a physical way, an assessment with an osteopath may be helpful.

Osteopaths are trained in paediatrics (the development & diseases of babies & children) as part of their degree.  In addition, Helena has also done a significant amount of post-graduate study in this area and holds a Paediatric First Aid Certificate.  Helena holds a Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) certificate.

Because babies skeleton’s are softer than adults’, gentler techniques such as Cranial Osteopathy (also called craniosacral as it involves more than just the head), gentle massage and gentle articulation (rhythmic joint movements) are used on  babies and children.  These are quite different from the stronger sort of techniques used on adults and as with any osteopathic consultation, the potential risks and benefits of treatment (or no treatment) will be discussed before treatment is carried out.

 Where appropriate, Helena may also refer mothers and babies back to their GP or midwife.

Please note, only someone with parental rights can give consent on behalf of a child under 16 for assessment or treatment (unless the child is competent to consent for themselves ie Helena considers them to be 'Gillick competent').  'Parental rights' means the mother, or the father if married to the mother at the time of birth of the child or if registered on the birth certificate.  This means that someone else (a nanny, grandparent, father without parental rights) cannot bring a child for treatment with Helena - please call for advice/further explanation if you have any questions about his.