Cranial, or Craniosacral Osteopathy is not actually a separate form of osteopathy - anyone who calls themselves a 'Cranial Osteopath' will have trained as an osteopath and then chosen to do further detailed postgraduate study using this particular form of gentle assessment and treatment although other therapies such as cranio-sacral therapy, myofascial therapy use aspects of Cranial Osteopathic technique so there is some crossover (just as there is with Physiotherapy, Osteopathy & Chiropractic).  

Cranial Osteopathy is often suitable for people who are unable to tolerate stronger treatments such as manipulation or deep tissue massage but more than that, it is a technique which assesses the body's state as a whole (rather than at a level of specific joints or muscles) - the name 'Cranial' is a bit of a misnomer as it is not just about the head and in fact Helena may put her hands on the feet, the back, the ribcage, or the part that hurts to assess how tension or restriction in one area of the body may be causing another area to compensate, expressing that as pain or altered mobility.

Many of Helena's patients find Cranial Osteopathy, as a hands-on treatment, profoundly relaxing and feed back to her that it has relieved their pain (or other symptoms), helping them function better and feel better in themselves.  

Helena is an expert in the Cranial Osteopathic approach; she holds a postgraduate diploma in Cranial Osteopathy and has taught it extensively at postgraduate level to other osteopaths.  She has been using Cranial Osteopathy for over 15 years and often uses it in her work in her special interest areas (treatment of pregnant mums, infants and children, head pain and the osteopathic treatment of animals) as well as all the other problems people may have when they come to see an Osteopath.  Vitor is also trained in cranial osteopathy as part of his Masters degree and Helena will be supporting him to further develop his expertise in this area particularly when applied to the treatment of infants & children.