Helena is happy to announce that Jurassic Coast Osteopathy is open, call 01305 237244 to book an appointment.  

We are extremely fortunate that the risk of infection in Dorset is low compared with other parts of the UK at present (6th October 2020).  However cases in the Dorset Council area are rising with positive tests in the Weymouth and Dorchester areas, so we are continuing to keep our infection control at high levels and telephoning all patients to screen and risk assess them before booking face-to-face appointments. Figures for Covid-19 infection rates & advice in the Dorset area can be found here and detailed statistics (showing for example daily hospital deaths & admissions for Dorchester County Hospital) can be found by exploring the NHS data provided here.

We continue to adapt our procedures to minimise/mitigate the risk of infection, how we do this is summarised below; you can also see pictures of the new clinic layout in the gallery here  and hear these changes explained in Helena’s video here so you will know what to expect when you come.

Please read the following information carefully & if you have any other questions, please call Helena directly on 07805 650667.

Can I come to the clinic for ‘hands-on’ osteopathic treatment?
unless you are feeling unwell, have any symptoms of Covid-19 or if your or anyone in your house has been self-isolating for less than 14 days before your appointment because of symptoms or a positive test, or if you are waiting for a test or confirmation of a test result, or have travelled abroad or been to an event where you couldn't socially distance in the last 14 days, or in any other circumstance that Helena considers there is a possible risk of transmission during her pre-appointment screening and risk assessment;
YES with a caveat for people who have been shielding - if you have been advised you are in the 
‘high risk/clinically extremely vulnerable group’ you should speak to your consultant or GP before making an appointment and Helena will further discuss options when she does a pre-screening risk assessment call before you attend.  Where you are advised not to attend the clinic in person, Helena is able to offer video consultations and for anyone else who is nervous about coming in person for any reason;
YES for most people (even if you are in the
‘moderate risk/clinically vulnerable’ group eg over 70, pregnant, very obese, diabetic or have a chronic health condition), Helena will carry out a telephone-based health screening risk assessment shortly before your appointment (& for your chaperone if you have one) to ensure a face-to-face visit is essential, appropriate and safe for all involved - if it is, she will also take details of your problem on the telephone to reduce the time spent talking in the clinic at the physical appointment.

What precautions are being taken to minimise the risks of Covid-19 transmission in the clinic?
- all patients (& chaperones) will be pre-screened for Covid-19 symptoms the day before their appointment and temperatures taken on the day;
- Helena is taking her own temperature every day, if it is above 37.8 or if she has any symptoms of Covid-19 or is feeling unwell or any of the other restrictions apply, she will cancel all appointments & follow the appropriate Government advice at that time;
- fewer patients will be seen each day to reduce the footfall in the clinic and timed appointments to avoid cross-over between patients;
- the clinic is using the back door to limit cross-traffic in Recption; please help us by waiting in your car in the rear car park until just before your appointment time & then call or text Helena on 07805 650667 and wait in your car until you are called to come to the back door.  If someone has driven you, unless they are your chaperone or you need their help for another reason, please ask them to wait in the car until you return;
- Helena will be wearing full PPE in line with current Public Health England guidelines (mask, gloves, apron and  visor/goggles) for every patient and will be asking every patient (and their chaperone if present) to wear a mask (please bring your own if you have one, we will provide disposable masks free of charge if you don't; children under 11 are not requirex to wear a mask;  those with medical conditions giving breathing difficulties are not required to wear a mask but will be asked to wear a visor which we will provide free of charge);
- please bring as little as possible with you (bags etc) and wear loose, comfortable clothes & shoes that you can easily slip on & off;
- you will be asked to sanitise your hands on entry to the building or clinic and on leaving (hand-washing facilities are also available, please ask); Helena has always washed her hands between patients & sanitised them several times during consultations, she will continue to do so but on a more frequent basis;
- there is a strict cleaning routine in place between every patient in the clinic & cleaning at the start & end of every day of all contact surfaces including door handles, treatment bench & wipeable pillows, chair seats & arms, card machines, pens, desk, sanitiser bottles etc.  Door handles, toilets & other contact surfaces outside the clinic also have a heightened daily cleaning regime by Lynch Lane Offices;
- changes to the clinic setup have been made to reduce the time that patient and osteopath are at less than 2 metres - the ‘talking’ part of the consultation will be done in advance over the telephone for all patients as above, the ‘assessment’ part will be done in the larger of Helena’s two rooms which allows for more 2m apart and the treatment part will be done in the smaller, ventilated/air filtered room which minimises the time together at less than 2 metres.

Although Helena is doing all she can to reduce the risks of transmission in the clinic, these can never be eliminated entirely or a risk of 'zero' guaranteed - if you are uncomfortable about this, please discuss with Helena in advance of your appointment.

What other changes should I know about?
- payment can be by card or advance payments via bank transfer;

- appointment days & times will be initially limited to allow for cleaning protocols & reducing the overall number of patients through the clinic, this may mean we will not be able to offer exactly the day/time you request, please bear with us as circumstances change to allow us to be more flexible;
- fees for follow-up appointments will be increased from £42 to £45, this covers the cost price of the  additional PPE, cleaning materials, telephone calls & changes to the clinic (at present there is no additional charge for patient/chaperone masks or visors);
- new patient fees are £55; Helena regrets that at this time she is unable to honour any vouchers/discounts/offers that were in place before March 23rd 2020 as circumstances have changed since those vouchers/offers were made.