1st October 2021

Current situation: Deaths & hospitalisations very low in the Dorset area compared with other parts of the country. The delta variant is very infectious but the good news is you are far less likely to be seriously ill or to dieif double vaccinated, however the bad news is that the symptoms are very similar to a normal cold in vaccinated people. 

Symptoms: Whether vaccinated or not, if you feel even slightly unwell or if you have any symptoms such as headache, sore throat, congested or runny nose, excessive sneezing, loss of sense of smell, fever/temperature, coughing, you should not attend clinic but call us to reschedule and follow Government advice about self-isolating & getting tested. 

Mask/face-covering policy: in line with Government, Public Health England & advice from our professional association (the Institute of Osteopathy), we encourage all patients (unless exempt) to wear masks/face-coverings in the clinic and in the communal areas at Lynch Lane Offices, particularly if you are either extremely clinically vulnerable and/or not fully vaccinated.  We will respect everyone's personal decision unless we consider (based on our risk assessment) that for your safety or for ours that wearing a mask is indicated, in which case we will discuss this with you and other options for going ahead with your assessment.  If you chose not to wear a mask, we will ask you to confirm that you accept the risks of not doing so through our standard online Covid19 screening form which we ask you to complete before attending (paper version available for those without an email address - please ask).

Risk assessment: Depending on your personal risk profile, if you are a new patient with health vulnerabilities who is not vaccinated, we may do part of your consultation on the telephone before your attendance to reduce the time spent in a small space together talking - we will assess this based on your answers to the screening form.  Please be aware, some staff members as well as some patients attending this practice might not be vaccinated due to ineligibility, medical contraindications/exemptions or personal preference.  To keep everyone save, as described above, strict infection control & PPE measures are in place, but if you have any concerns about the vaccination status of the osteopath you are seeing, please call us BEFORE coming to the clinic.

Infection control & ventilation: Our clinic room is well-ventilated with trickle vents & windows open and a HEPA air purifier running all the time, with extra ventilation between patients. The shared spaces eg toilets & touch points in the building are cleaned regularly by Lynch Lane Offices. Osteopaths wear full PPE as recommended by Public Health England and we will be continuing our infection control cleaning in line with updated (September 2021) UKHSA guidelines in relation to low risk of transmission from contact with surfaces.   Hand hygiene is still important and we will continue to provide alcohol gel on entry to the clinic for your use.

We are constantly reviewing these arrangements as the 'roadmap' progresses & in line with advice from our professional body, the Institute of Osteopathy and will update this page when either Government or PHE policy changes.