12th April 2021

We are continuing to keep our infection control at high levels with cleaning between every patient as well as the start & end of every day, all contact services (& the shared spaces in the building are cleaned regularly by the service company).  

Everyone attending clinic is requested to complete our online Covid19 screening form before their appointment (other arrangements are available to those without internet access).

Everyone attending must wear a face covering (unless medically exempt).

Depending on your personal risk profile, we may further mitigate risks to you, the osteopaths, other patients and other users of our building by doing part of your consultation on the telephone before your attendance, to reduce the time spent in a small space together talking.

We are following the latest Government guidelines on ventilation for allowing fresh air in from outside
- our clinic windows have trickle vents which are open all the time
- weather allowing the windows are on the latch or left open during treatment and/or between patients (although we balance this against the need for patients to be warm and comfortable while having treatment)
- we have a HEPA air filter with carbon filter units running continuously in the treatment room and ventilate the room with the windows & doors open when there are not patients in the clinic.

We are constantly reviewing these arrangements as the 'roadmap' progresses & in line with advice from our professional body, the Institute of Osteopathy.

Although the Osteopaths are doing all they can to reduce the risks of transmission in the clinic, these can never be eliminated entirely or a risk of 'zero' guaranteed - if you are uncomfortable about this, please discuss with  your osteopath in advance of your appointment.

We are frequently asked 'can I come to the clinic for ‘hands-on’ osteopathic treatment?'
unless you are feeling unwell, have any symptoms of Covid-19 or if your or anyone in your house has been self-isolating for less than 10 days before your appointment because of symptoms or a positive test, or if you are waiting for a test or confirmation of a test result or in any other circumstance that the osteopaths consider there is a possible risk of transmission during their pre-appointment screening and risk assessment;
YES with a caveat for people who have been shielding - if you have been advised you are in the 
‘high risk/clinically extremely vulnerable group’ please make this clear on booking so that the osteopath can discuss options with you, particularly if you have not yet been vaccinated.

If you think you have Coronavirus, or you wish to test regularly to make sure that you don't, click here to find out how to get tested