Vitor relocated to the UK to pursue his long lasting dream of becoming a Registered Osteopath which he achieved after four years of study at the European School of Osteopathy to gain a Master’s Degree, with his final year thesis assessing the current evidence for the effectiveness of manual therapy compared with probiotics in the treatment of infantile colic. Vitor’s passion for osteopathy arises from considering the unique needs of each individual patient and treating using a range of technical approaches including massage, osteopathic manipulation, Kinesio(K)-taping & cranial osteopathic technique.  Vitor will evaluate the cause of your aches and pains and together with you build a treatment plan specific to your needs and preferences, bringing his skills and knowledge to bear to offer you the best possible care.  

As a recent graduate, Vitor brings his knowledge of current thought & research in osteopathy to the practice which complements the experience of the Principal Helena Greenwood who has been in practice over 20 years and who will be supporting Vitor as he develops his career, particularly in the clinic’s specialist expertise in the treatment of children.  Vitor brings the calmness & perspective that he gets from his leisure interests - being in nature and travelling - as qualities into his clinical practice, creating a relaxing, compassionate environment to complement his professional & thorough clinical approach.

As well as working on Wednesdays all day & Thursday afternoons at Jurassic Coast Osteopathy, Vitor works at Dorchester Osteopaths on Tuesdays & Saturdays, where in addition to his other skills he is able to offer dry-needling (sometimes known as ‘musculo-skeletal or medical acupuncture’).  We hope shortly to be able to offer this form of treatment at Jurassic Coast Osteopathy as well.