A woman's body has to undergo significant physical and physiological changes to accommodate the growth of a baby from a ball of cells at conception to something that can measure over half a metre long and on average at least half a stone at delivery, which in the normal course of events has to pass through quite a narrow passage into the outside world.

This process increases the requirements on mum's hormonal, musculo-skeletal, circulatory & digestive systems  which results in changes in posture, increasing laxity of ligaments and increased weight which for some women may lead to general aches and pains, particularly in the low back and pelvis.  Sometimes these can be quite acute, leading to difficulties with walking in later stages for some women.

Osteopathic assessment can help to identify physical restrictions and postural changes that, with treatment, can enable women to adapt better to these rapid, profound & important changes, resulting in a more relaxed and comfortable pregnancy and the changes that occur after birth, particularly with long or difficult deliveries which may place greater mechanical stress on the body or with positional or postural problems that may make breastfeeding difficult or uncomfortable.