At Jurassic Coast Osteopathy, we're keen to make sure our patients get the best experience possible, so we welcome feedback, both to let us know when we're getting it right and when we can improve it. 

We're interested in any aspect of your experience visiting us - for example
- how easy it was to find us on the internet, use our website and get in touch with us
- the quality of the response you received from us either over the telephone or via email
- our location at Lynch Lane (directions, parking, staff, environment both inside and outside the clinic rooms)
- how helpful the osteopath was in terms of explaining your problem and the proposed treatment
- whether the treatment was what you expected and if it helped the problem you came with

Compliments are always gratefully received, they help us know when we're doing well; you can email us feedback or if you use Facebook, Google+ or any other social media we welcome positive reviews.  The biggest compliment is when you recommend us to your friends, please ask them to mention your name when they visit so that we know that they found us because you were happy to pass on our name.  We are continually striving to improve everything we do, so if you think there is something that could be better, please email Helena directly (

If for any reason you were not satisfied with your appointment with the Osteopath, in the first instance we would encourage you to contact Helena directly to discuss it.  If you are uncomfortable to do this, please contact Reception and we will try to arrange for a colleague of the Osteopath to speak to you to understand what has happened and to pass your feedback on.

We very much hope if you were unhappy about any aspect of your experience with Jurassic Coast Osteopathy, Helena Greenwood or Vitor Abreu Da Costa you would speak to us about it so we could try to sort things out, but if you wish to make a formal complaint, please contact Reception at Lynch Lane to request a copy of our formal complaint procedure which is reproduced below.

Complaints Procedure
If you have a complaint or concern about any aspect of your treatment with Helena or Vitor, please let us know as soon as possible.  Please give full details and we will undertake to treat it seriously, deal with it promptly and learn from it by reviewing or, if appropriate, improving our standards. Make your complaint to me, clinic owner & Principal OsteopathHelena Greenwood, either in person, by phone (07805 650667), by letter or in an email (

I will investigate your complaint during the following few days and will aim to:-

  1. Find out what happened and what went wrong
  2. Make sure you receive an explanation and an apology if this is appropriate
  3. Identify what I can do to ensure that this problem does not arise again.

Institute of Osteopathy Complaints Resolution Service
If you feel uncomfortable complaining directly to me or do not feel that your concern has been resolved to your satisfaction, you can speak to the Institute of Osteopathy by ringing Freephone 0800 110 5857 or emailing

General Osteopathic Council
If you are concerned about safety and you wish to instigate a formal complaint with the regulatory body, the General Osteopathic Council can be contacted on 0207 357 665. Please note that the General Osteopathic Council cannot award compensation.