We are currently offering a huge discount off our normal prices to any current serving or past member of the Armed Forces of the United Kingdom - a flat appointment fee of £35 compared with our usual fees of £55 for a first appointment (1 hour) and £42 for follow-up appointments (20-40 minutes).  You will receive exactly the same time, service & care as full price appointments, only the price is different!

As an Army brat whose father served in the Royal Artillery in Borneo, Malaya, Aden,Oman and Germany, Helena has personal experience of the life of a service family and following 2019's Remembrance Service on Portland, she decided to make this offer as her contribution to the physical well-being of past & present servicemen and her gratitude for their service.

Please quote 'Armed Service Offer' when booking in via Reception (01305 237244) and bring proof of your current or past service.