Osteopathy is a physical therapy that uses a variety of techniques to reduce pain, restore movement and promote well-being.

Osteopaths treat all parts of the body (not just backs!), many different conditions and all ages.  Jurassic Coast Osteopathy is a family and community-orientated osteopathic practice in Weymouth, based within the Ocean Therapy Clinic at Lynch Lane Offices off Lanehouse Rocks.  It is easy to find, easy to park at, convenient for Portland, Wyke, Chickerell and Weymouth and is a great place to start your journey towards feeling better and being able to do more.

Jurassic Coast Osteopathy is the Dorset trading name of Helena Greenwood, Registered Osteopath.  Helena has been working as an osteopath for over 15 years in rural Surrey where she still has a practice.  She is well known for her calm and caring approach to all her patients and well-respected amongst her colleagues and other health-professionals.  Helena uses a variety of osteopathic treatment techniques including manipulation (also called high velocity thrust or HVT which is small rapid movements of joints that can produce a 'clicking' sound); deep tissue massage; articulation (rhythmic joint movements); and cranial (or craniosacral) osteopathy.  

The choice of technique(s) depends on what is suitable for each individual patient - what their problem is, history of relevant traumas or operation, current state of health, any medications and of course, patient preference, all of which are discussed (and any risks associated with particular techniques) before any treatment takes place.   Helena treats all sorts of problems, including sudden or longstanding back pain, muscle spasms, neck pain, headaches and many other issues - if you want to know if she can help you, call 07805 650667 to discuss your problem.

Helena also has particular specialist skills and expertise in using the craniosacral osteopathic approach which she has both studied and taught at postgraduate level.  She applies this more gentle approach to areas of special interest which are the treatment of pregnant mothers, babies and children and also to patients who for health or preference reasons cannot tolerate manipulation or strong massage eg people with osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, ligamentous laxity, acute disc prolapse, on warfarin and many other conditions.

Helena is registered with and statutorily regulated by the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) as required by law for all osteopaths. This means:

- She has been trained to a high level at an osteopathic institution approved by the GOsC

- She is regulated and has to meet the high standards set by the GOsC to protect patients

- She has to keep up-to-date through doing annual Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

- She will be re-validated every 3 years to keep her registration

- She has been trained to screen for medical conditions and refer patients to GPs, relevant NHS professionals or private consultants where appropriate.

Helena regularly exceeds the requirements of the GOsC in relation to CPD hours and has many hours of post-graduate learning in general osteopathy and her specialist areas.